Saturday, June 24, 2006


Well, I went out and tried my hand at shooting a friend's son at one of his baseball games.... Be easy on me, this is the FIRST time I think I have ever shot action sports stuff! Ya and I work at a school and sports photography place... Well, first time for everything. So I got home, and thought, this is a perfect opportunity to practice making a collage. Well turns out it was a couple hours of work, but mostly just the figuring out part and all..., I think it would go much faster the more I did, so, I was thinking about doing some freelance digital stuff on the side for photographers, etc. ANYWAY... here are a few samples I whipped up, (incorporating things she wanted) to show my friend, man there are so many possibilities, I could even do a custom type layout for a specific event and go from there.... it's endless....

Monday, June 19, 2006


This is an image my father shot in Africa on safari, this is as shot from the camera, (he shoots a Canon 10D) he over looked it because of obvious reasons, he didn't see anything exciting in it, but it wowed me from the start knowing where I could take it.

Here's the same photo after I played with it for a while, goes to show what color and cropping can do for you, I added a creative boarder and also removed a blade of grass from the eye.


Here is a photo my Father took while in Russia, I found it very interesting with the country and the grand churches in the background, so I decided to play a bit, and make it "WoW" here's the before:

And here is the after, I canvased it with white to make an 11x14 and of course enhanced the color and added a stock sky to the dull grey/white one. My Dad hasn't seen it yet, they are on tour in Canada right now.


BEFORE: Here is the image as shot out in our front yard. My husband suggested adding fairies to the bubbles (since her new "thing" is now fairies) I took it one step farther with photos of her as a fairy below. I wish she had a better expression on her face, her eyes are a little weird for me, but if you don't know her, it's probably fine.

AFTER: I spiced up the color, added the bubble on the wand, and added photos of her dressed in her fairy wings to the bubbles (LOVING the warp tool!), I may continue with the alterations, I will post another if I work on it more, for now I am happy....but I can see a background change in the near future! Of course a bigger photo shows more detail, but I can't change that here, you can always click on the photo for a bit bigger sample...