Monday, October 09, 2006

Back in Business!

So, I took my stubborn disk into work today, and we recovered everything! Whew, I couldn't believe it, what a scare! I will have to ask tomorrow what the name of the software is, and I will post it later.... What a life saver, mostly everything was snapshots of my daughter and my Parents, but I got a couple images, I would have been really sad to have lost!

Here's a few to share!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


So, I finally get out today, with camera in hand, lacking much inspiration, I followed my dearset daughter around a local duck pond, shot some ducks (with the camera) nice green algea in the water, and then notice how much fun she is having, so as I tune in to her, I get some super great shots, I get home, cannot wait to download them to see them, and wahmo, it happens, my cf card fails.... nothing... nada, not one image on it. I am devastated! And I saw them on the card when I looked thru it in preview, right before I took it out of the camera, and I KNOW I didn't format it...... AKKKKKKKKKKK

We have disk recovery software at work, so I will take my disk in and try to see if I can resurrect anything from the now dead cf card.....(cross your fingers!) It's amazing what can be recovered, but I won't hold my breath, it would be my luck that mine is just gone..... So stay tuned, maybe tomorrow night I will have something to show you!