Saturday, June 24, 2006


Well, I went out and tried my hand at shooting a friend's son at one of his baseball games.... Be easy on me, this is the FIRST time I think I have ever shot action sports stuff! Ya and I work at a school and sports photography place... Well, first time for everything. So I got home, and thought, this is a perfect opportunity to practice making a collage. Well turns out it was a couple hours of work, but mostly just the figuring out part and all..., I think it would go much faster the more I did, so, I was thinking about doing some freelance digital stuff on the side for photographers, etc. ANYWAY... here are a few samples I whipped up, (incorporating things she wanted) to show my friend, man there are so many possibilities, I could even do a custom type layout for a specific event and go from there.... it's endless....


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