Tuesday, November 14, 2006


So I got to play a little bit more tonight with my new stuff, here's a few photos I did up. I can't believe how easy these are, and how fun it is to play around to get these looks.... I could make up templates of my own, but the time it takes, makes me crazy.... Now I might start making a few more as I go and think of new stuff. What do you all think?

Monday, November 13, 2006


Today 3 of us from NSP went to the Photoshop for Photographers tour, with Ben Willmore. It was an intense day of photoshop, fun and lots of goodies. Pretty much the seminar was all stuff I knew and work with but we got some great tips, short cuts, and refreshers along the way. (And I did learn a couple "new" things) It was a perfect seminar for those wanting to get their feet wet, a bit redundant for some of the more advanced users I think.

I splurged and bought a "library" of graphic edges and brushes. 7 dvd's full for the price of 3, ya, I am a sucker for a sale... The bundle was also loaded with grunge techniques, backgrounds, and lots more goodies! I only had a fleeting moment to play tonight, but here are 3 edges... hours of playing left to do, lots of new collage and grungy things to come!

check out the makers here:
  • GraphicAuthority