Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thanksgivings past

I was going through some older photos from 2 thanksgivings ago for a specific photo I needed for a current project, anyway, I came across this shot. It's funny how sometimes I shoot and come home all excited, upload my images, and then... Blah. They do nothing for me at all. Time goes by and I stumble across them and think, hey, why did I over look these?

I have learned to go back and re-evaluate my work, to give it a month and look again, it's amazing what I see after I have become less emotionaly involved. I almost always see stuff I like that I looked over, and it happens too, that I look at the images again, and what I loved the first time, wasn't good at all really. Perspective I guess...

So many times we photograph things that hold emotion for us the photographer, then don't understand when everyone picks other shots as their favorites. I can honestly say, "now I get it!" When I take out the emotion, I am a better judge of my technical skills. This shot isn't technically correct, (I hated it at first and can pick it apart up one side and down the next, believe me, I am my own worst critique, there are not many of my own shots that I wouldn't fault terribly) but I now see a liitle bit of what others go "wow" about I suppose, sometimes I just have to let the technical edge slip a bit, and go with what brings out the emotions in other people. :)

Just my 2 cents today!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snow Fun.....

Yesterday took us up to Mt Hood for our "annual after Thanksgiving play in the snow trek". There was fresh snowfall, and a pending storm on the way, but it didn't seem to stop anyone, the place was packed.

It was like a magical day, we left the house late, got up to the Mt. and the parking was hopeless, and just by chance the guy in front of our rig was pulling out, so we got parking before the 200 or so ppl in line. We forgot our sled, and dd was about to be bummed out about it when someone offered us one that had been left behind by another... So we "disked" for a couple of hours.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect, about 45-50 degrees, no wind, sunshine everywhere, we got by with polar fleece jackets. (Of course we brought the heavy duty stuff too, but didn't need it) and on our drive home, we happened upon the view point just as the sun was setting and it gave us the "alpine glow" effect, I snapped a few quick shots, as the window of light is about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes total.... I cannot tell you how many times I have drove up there, waited and never got the alpine glow....

So all in all, it was wonderful! Here are some shots from the day, snapshots really, I didn't go up planning to shoot except us playing in the snow, so these are all off the cuff, enjoy!

More to come!

more snow fun

and of course darling daughter too :)