Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thanksgivings past

I was going through some older photos from 2 thanksgivings ago for a specific photo I needed for a current project, anyway, I came across this shot. It's funny how sometimes I shoot and come home all excited, upload my images, and then... Blah. They do nothing for me at all. Time goes by and I stumble across them and think, hey, why did I over look these?

I have learned to go back and re-evaluate my work, to give it a month and look again, it's amazing what I see after I have become less emotionaly involved. I almost always see stuff I like that I looked over, and it happens too, that I look at the images again, and what I loved the first time, wasn't good at all really. Perspective I guess...

So many times we photograph things that hold emotion for us the photographer, then don't understand when everyone picks other shots as their favorites. I can honestly say, "now I get it!" When I take out the emotion, I am a better judge of my technical skills. This shot isn't technically correct, (I hated it at first and can pick it apart up one side and down the next, believe me, I am my own worst critique, there are not many of my own shots that I wouldn't fault terribly) but I now see a liitle bit of what others go "wow" about I suppose, sometimes I just have to let the technical edge slip a bit, and go with what brings out the emotions in other people. :)

Just my 2 cents today!


Blogger JAM said...

I like it. I have, and will continue to take photos like this. If nothing else, like a particular song that reminds you of a certain place and time, a photo can do the same. There are a squillion dramatic sun rays from behind the cloud photos, but so what? It doesn't lessen the beauty of the moment, nor the pleasure of capturing it on film or in bits. Plus you can play with it afterward in Photoshop and have more fun.

I've begun to shoot all my digital stuff with RAW, just in case. My D70s has a setting that will take both a RAW and a large/basic jpeg at the same time. Photos like this one with the incredible contrast, I can adjust the exposure after the fact, if I need to. I'm loving this digital stuff. But if I know I have to take a bunch of photos, I just set it on jpeg and fire away, RAW eats up a lot of space.

Being your own worst critic is something that can really help you when, like yourself, you want to sell your photos. If you are hypercritical of your work, then most likely, what you consider marginal, others will love.

Again, I like this one a lot. I'm still grooving on the winter wonderland photos from last week too.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous navin said...

Amazing shot. Love the way the light is coming through the clouds and the colours in this picture

12:55 AM  
Blogger Wingnut said...

Thanks Jam and Navin!

I also shoot RAW Jam. It does take up a bit of space, but I have 6-1 gig and 2-2 gig cards, so I am usually fine. the 2 gig are my favorite.

My canon 20D does the same, it shoots a raw file plus a jpeg of any size from thumbnail to large.

I do find it takes a while to process raw when I shoot a whole session, but the quality is soo much better that it is worth it. Photoshop lets you batch them, so it's cool, but it's the processor speed that kills me, it's pretty memory intense when I have 30 Raw files going at the same time at 8 meg or more a piece! And I have a gig of RAM! time for more I suppose...

9:14 AM  
Blogger Palak Chokshi said...

It is moments like these that makes one think of the infinitisimal nature of man. Beautiful in its serenity, this shot is amazing.

P.S. Thanks for stopping by

4:27 PM  
Blogger Brian McLernon said...

So true...we have to edit constantly but are our own worst critics. Maybe worst are family and friends who say "that's nice" with absolutely no emotional involvement whatsoever in the photo except us. Please yourself first but seek out others whose work you admire and trust them to help you on your way. Wonderful sunset :-)

5:49 PM  
Blogger Wingnut said...

Thanks so much Palak, and great advise Brian, maybe someday you could give me a tut on studio lighting :) It's been 15 years for me since I was in a studio, just gotta get in there and do it I guess!

6:25 PM  

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