Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So, last friday I shot the kids in the park, under pretty hot sun, got home, and as I was processing the photos, I noticed, my highlights are blowing way out, and I am having exposure issues... A year ago, something went out in my camera and I had to send it in for a rebuild, luckily, it was covered under warranty. Well, guess what, it's back, a year later... I am loosing detail in whites and the meter is not reading correctly. ARGH! Anyone wanna buy a 20D cheap? This time I am not under warranty, so I will see what Canon does, since it's a prior problem with this camera. The misfortune of buying the first release of anything, I got the lemon.

Having said that, to test my theory it was going out again, I shot these little toadies out in the full sun, in the 80 degree heat, yep, I see the failure, you may too, but the shots were really fun. I don't think the common eye would see the defects, but I do and it is making me crazy..... If I can hold off untilt he 26th of Sept, my back up camera will be back from Africa (my parents borrowed it) and I can send this one out, sigh....

Let me know what you think of my macros here, I had fun with these little guys... talk about hard models, there were two I was working with, try getting these guys to stay still to get perfect focus in such a shallow DOF! It was a blast.....

I took this shot for scale, I had to "pinch" this little guy between my forefinger and thumb to get this shot, he wasn't hurt, these guys are so small still, a little less than the size of my fingernail!

He turned as I snapped, and I was thrilled when I saw the image, thought it was a lost shot, but I loved the shadow coming thru the leaf!

Well, here you can see the exposure trouble a bit, no matter what I do, the blacks are underexposed, and this was RAW.... but I like how he sat in the leaf so I added it anyway.

another blown shot, or so I thought when I took it as he jumped out of the frame, I was tickled to see him all blurry, so I added this to show also.... It's so funny, sometimes, what you weren't trying for turns out great, this was fun for me.


warty little toadie....... :)


Anonymous Brett Admire said...

cool toad shots!!

8:32 AM  
Anonymous JAM said...

I came across your site today and really like your photos of the frogs. I used to see little fellers like this as a kid in Louisiana.

About the blown highlights. I bought my first dSLR, a Nikon D70s in late June, 2006. I started out taking just 'fine', 'large', JPEGs but found that the incredible contrast range here in Florida is pretty much beyond what a digital sensor can deal with. I got blown highlights that couldn't be corrected. I have started taking RAW pics, and the ones with the blown highlights, I'm able to correct almost all of them perfectly.

I was freaked out at first, thinking, what did I just spend a thousand dollars for? But I started learning the details of how these cameras work and the bottom line is, they don't forgive at the white end of the luminance scale like film can.

I don't want to make this comment too long, but yours is a known problem with all digital camera's sensors. It's the nature of the photosensetive thingies. This happens especially if I use the matrix metering instead of spot metering. Spot metering, I can expose for the highlights, as I used to with slide film, but the matrix metering, while wonderful for landscapes, sucks when shooting stuff like your frogs.

I'm not shamelessly promoting my blog, but I happened to post one of my blown out pics of some flowers today on there, but it was a JPEG from the time before I started shooting RAW, and couldn't correct it much.

I'm able to do amazing corrections on this type of thing in Photoshop Elements 4, and I have only been doing it a couple of months. With RAW I can adjust the exposure afterwards, up or down.

Sorry for the long comment, and double sorry if you already knew all of this. You aren't alone.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Wingnut said...

Thanks Jam! I was aware of the loss of detail in white highlights when I went to digital, unfortunately, I did not think ahead on this post and add one of the bad photos BEFORE I edited it, I think I will post one next so you can see the difference.

This particular problem was something wrong with the 20D when it was first issued, I got it 3 weeks before the release date (working in the industry has it's perks) and it wasn't long, maybe a month before Canon released the 20Da becasue of it. No one really knows this, but those of us stuck with one. Basically it was a second edition like the updates on our software. (OSX 1.2.3, windowsxp 2.3.6 or whatever)

When I purchesded this particular camera, the clencher was the AMAZING detail in the whites for a digital camera, over a years time, that detail faded consistantly with all white, not just hot white, eventually, it went out completely, no matter how I set the camera in any mode, my white were gone, then during an air show, it went out, all I could get as an image was a faint black outline and an all white image everywhere, it was so frustrating, and random, one frame it shot fine the next it overexposed by like 15 stops. Anyway Canon did aknowledge the problem and fixed it immediately, I had my camera back form them in 9 days from mailing it to my hands again.

I am hoping their customer service is as good this time!

1:52 PM  
Blogger Wingnut said...

Oh and these were RAW, probably why I was able to fix what I did :) thanks for visiting my blog and the comments, I appreciate them truly!

1:54 PM  

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